Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 1 - Morning wandering

So after breakfast we headed out with Tim and Rachel to find coffee at a neat place Jon had found online, called DeGraves Espresso or something like that. It was on one of the many little alleyway/arcades that are all over Melbourne (see photos). They are very not fast-paced here... at the coffee place and the cafe we ate at last night, you seat yourself and they get around to you eventually, and it's all very relaxed. This kills me, as I always like to move quickly and be on to the next thing, but I'm trying to settle down and enjoy it and it's actually rather nice.

After coffee we parted ways from Tim and Rachel and we walked to Federation Square and then to the river, which is only about a block away from our hotel and runs parallel to it. Then we picked up some more groceries at a larger supermarket we had missed last night, and came back to the hotel for lunch. Next we're off to the aquarium (which is right across the street and a block away from our hotel), and then we'll meet back up with the others for dinner.

Views down the arcade:

Us in the arcade, with seating for the coffee shop behind us. Even though it's winter, it's still mostly warm enough to sit outside if you're dressed appropriately.

Jon and Rachel with excellent coffee beverages:

Rachel's cappo had a fern design!

By the river:

Downtown buildings:

The Flinders Street train station:

'Burger King' was trademarked here when they tried to expand to Australia, so instead the chain is called Hungry Jack's:

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