Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 5 - Misc.

After we walked a large portion of the Botanic Garden, we headed back to our hotel on foot, crossing the Yarra River over one of many bridges. We stopped to take some pictures of the river, the trams, which are a major form of transportation here, and Federation Square, a combination of open space and buildings that fronts part of the river. The buildings are rather interesting and geometrically patterned. Then we decided that since we had made sandwiches to bring along for lunch at the zoo, and were going home to have pasta for dinner in the hotel room, all in the name of saving money, that we at least deserved a really fine dessert. Enter Murray's Doughnuts, which is just down the street from our hotel and which makes an apparently famous eclair. Famous according to them, at least, though after partaking of it, we have to agree. It was immense and delicious, a satisfying end to a really lovely day. The conference starts back up for me tomorrow, and then Saturday we'll leave for the little field trip with the lab. There probably won't be much to post until then, so enjoy the photos from today's adventures!

Federation Square:

The Yarra river:


Our token Australian souvenir, probably the only one we'll get on this trip: a stuffed peacock, in honor of all the peacocks we saw at the zoo.

Fabulous and tremendous eclair:

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